I authorize Synopsys, Inc. (“Synopsys”) to use and distribute my name, professional information, and voice, in video, audio recordings and/or other audio-visual materials taken of me by or on behalf of Synopsys at 2019 ARC AIoT Design Contest (the “Material”).

I understand and agree that Synopsys shall have complete ownership of the Material. I agree that the Material may be reproduced and posted to the ARC AIoT Design Contest web site for access by general public.

Nothing contained herein, however, shall give Synopsys any ownership rights to any of the information provided by me or to any content used in my presentation(s).

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Copyright Statement

Please read the following notice before submitting your materials to the Synopsys ARC AIoT Design Contest.
By submitting materials to the contest, you and your employer are giving Synopsys the following rights: to reproduce, publish and distribute the submitted materials on the ARC AIoT Design Contest web site for access by general public.

It is your responsibility to confirm that your employer agrees to the use described above. You and your employer reserve the right to modify the submitted materials at any time. Synopsys shall reproduce any copyright or other legal notices that you include in your submitted materials. Synopsys will not use your submitted materials for product marketing purposes without first obtaining your written consent.

If you have any questions about this copyright statement, please contact before submitting your proposal.